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Top 3 Questions: What to look for in temp staff employees

top 3 questions what to look for in temp staff employees

Evaluating the qualities of your temp staff can be somewhat difficult. They typically hold different roles within your company, which can make an “apples to apples” comparison impossible. They don’t have the same long-term relationship with your business, so you have to evaluate them quickly, based on their individual merits. Since you usually don’t have the same amount of time to get to know them, you need a few quick criteria to measure their abilities. Here are three easy measures to use to evaluate your temp staff, and the temp staffing agency that provides them.

Temp Staffing Agencies: Some Are More Than Temp

temp staffing agencies some are more than temp

Temp staffing agencies offer a great way to get qualified, short-term help when you need it. Temps can help fill in for absent workers, lend a hand during busy periods, or help out on large orders or projects. When things settle down, employees typically move on to their next assignment. But what happens if you decide to keep that temp permanently? It's not unusual for a client to hire a temp for a permanent position. However, not all temp staffing agencies make the transition easy. If you’re working with the right temp staffing agencies, turning a temp into a perm is quick and painless. Easy Onboarding.

When a temp arrives at your business, they already have the general education and experience required to fill the role. Every day they work for you, they’re gaining the specific education and experience to excel in the role. If the time comes for the position to become permanent, you’ve already got the ideal candidate in position. Instead of conducting a time-consuming and costly hiring process, you can simply choose to make the temp a permanent employee. Quality temp staffing agencies will work with you to make the transition smooth and effortless.

Bill 139 & Your Relationship With Your Temp Staffing Company

bill 139 and your relationship with your temp staffing company

As Bill 139 has become the law of the land, it has put more administrative and legal burdens on temp staffing companies throughout Ontario. Bill 139 was intended to provide protections and equitable treatment for the nearly 700,000 temp workers in the province. As such, any temp staffing company that operates in Ontario has had to make significant changes to how it conducts business. Most of the requirements of Bill 139 fall upon the temp staffing company. However, there are indirect effects and obligations that must be borne by the client. For the most part, these effects simply require better communication between the client and the temp staffing company.

How Does Your Temp Staffing Agency Mitigate the Cost of Your Staff Turnover?

how does your temp staffing agency mitigate the cost of your staff turnover

Managing the cost of staff turnover is a problem that every business has to face. The problem is especially daunting, since many of the costs are hidden. As employees come and go, these hidden costs begin to pile up. Some of the costs are more obvious, like the cost of job postings or time spent interviewing candidates; other costs are harder to quantify. New employees take time to get up to speed, and they typically require training and supervision. That’s at least two of your workers that are at reduced productivity for days or weeks. And, if the new employee doesn’t work out, you get to start the entire process all over again. The hidden cost of staff turnover can quickly dry up your revenue streams. Working with a reputable temp staffing agency can help you mitigate many of these costs.

Does Your Temp Staffing Agency Address Urgent Needs?

does your temp staffing agency address your urgent need with quality staffing

In a perfect world, you would always know ahead of time when you’re going to need some extra help. There would be no unexpected worker absences, clients would always give you advance notice for large orders, and vendors would never experience delays. In the real world, things happen with little or no warning. You may not find out that you need extra workers until after it’s too late. When you have an urgent need for temp workers, will your temp staffing agency have quality staffing to send your way? If your temp staffing agency can’t provide quality staffing on short notice, you need to find a new agency.

Quality Temp Staff vs A Warm Body

quality workers vs warm bodies

When you engage the services of a temp agency, you expect to get more than just a warm body. You want quality temp workers who bring experience and expertise to the position. They should be punctual, productive, and professional. You want them to mesh with your existing labour force, creating as little disruption to the workflow as possible. Of course, what you want and what you get aren’t always the same things. Some temp agencies may provide you with workers who do little more than take up space. By the time you get them trained and onboard, they aren’t worth the time, money, and effort you’ve spent on them. So, how do you make sure that you’re going to get quality temp workers? The easiest way is by working exclusively with a single, high-quality temp agency.

Benefits of Temporary Staffing Agencies and How They Can Help Your Business

the benefits of temporary staffing agencies can help your business

A good temp agency provides much more than just quality staffing solutions. They offer a full suite of services along with quality staffing solutions including, training, compliance services, information management, and more. Developing a partnership with a high-quality temp agency allows you to take full advantage of their experience and expertise in multiple areas. Temp agencies are professional interviewers and employers, and specialize in all areas related to personnel and workplace management. If you consider them a long-term strategic partner, you’ll be amazed at the benefits they can offer.

Great Temp Agencies Are in Tune With Their Workers

great temp agencies are in tune with their workers

Workers are the lifeblood of any business. Without them, there is no business to speak of. You can learn everything you need to know about a business by looking at how they treat their workers. This is especially true for temp staffing agencies. If their workers are unhappy and dissatisfied, they’ll bring that unhappiness and dissatisfaction with them when they come to work for you. That can create drama and distractions that you simply don’t have time to deal with. Great temp agencies are in tune with their workers, and put forth the effort to keep them happy. This makes the temps better employees for the agency, and better workers for you.

Does Your Temp Staffing Agency Provide detailed injury reports?

does your temp staffing agency provide detailed injury reports

Finding out a worker has been injured on the job is never good news. However, not finding out they’ve been injured is even worse. When a workplace injury occurs, you need all the information you can get. Without timely, detailed injury reports, you can’t take the appropriate steps to treat the injury, fix whatever caused the injury, and make any necessary reports to the government and your insurance carrier. If you’re kept in the dark, the first report you get about the injury could be from a government investigator or, worse yet, a lawsuit. Some temp agencies ask their workers to only report injuries to them. This could leave you dangerously out of the loop. You need to make sure that the temp staffing agency you work with understands the importance of reporting any injuries directly to you.

Advantages of Working with One Temp Agency

advantages of working with one temp agency

When you need a temp worker, you may be tempted to just call the first temp agency listed in the phone book. This may get you a worker for a couple of days, but you’ll miss many of the advantages that come from building a long-term partnership with a single temp agency. To reap all the benefits that a temp agency can offer, it’s important to work with them over time. Today, a temp agency can offer much more than just a stand-in employee. Over time, they will learn about your current and future needs, helping them to better provide you with temporary and permanent employees, as well as other services.

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